HGH 10iu Pharm Grade Hgh 191aa Raw Powder

HGH 10iu Pharm Grade Hgh 191aa Raw Powder

Name: HGH 191AA powder raw material
Speci: 6iu/8iu/10iu/12iu/16iu/24iu or as your requests, 10IU/vial , 10vials/kit , blue or various colored top , non-label , white box
Storage: store at 2-8 degree centigrade in refrigerator
MOQ is one kit.
payment: Western Union / TT
shipping :1-2 working days by EMS, DHL, TNT. support re-shipment
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Product Details

HGH basic information

HGH 191aa powder
CAS No.:
White Fine Powder
> 99.0%
Brand Name
Delivery time
Within 1-2 days payment
Business Type
Manufacturer Factory

What is HGH 191AA?
HGH 191aa powder is a good solution for people who want to stay in shape and build muscles and whose body can’t produce growth hormone insufficiently. It increases work of metabolism which reduces excessive fat in the body and helps get muscles. Its function is to stimulate our body produce and release growing of muscles rather than affect directly for it.

One of the remarkable benefits of HGH 191aa powder is not only helping to reduce fat but also helps to use it for boosting your physical strength. And many athletes simultaneously intake it to prevent injuries during exercises because it strengthens connective
tissues, tendons, and cartilages.

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