Winstrol Winny Powder Safe Delivery

Winstrol Winny Powder Safe Delivery

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Male Winstrol Cycle
In most cases a good Winstrol Winny cycle will run for approximately 6-8 weeks at a dosing of 50mg every day. Some will find 50mg every other day to be all they need but as this anabolic steroid has a very short half-life, especially in tablet form daily administration is generally best. 50mg per day appears to be perfect for most any man regardless of his level of experience and we do not recommend going beyond the 8 week mark as this steroid is rather liver toxic.

Winny is one of the more hepatic anabolic steroids we will ever use but thankfully if used responsibly the liver will return to normal values very quickly after use has been discontinued. The only exception we might make regarding the dose of a Winstrol cycle is for the competitive bodybuilder towards the very end of his contest prep cycle. Many bodybuilders find 100mg per day the last 10-14 days before a show to be very useful in-terms of really hardening them up before they step on stage; however, 14 days is the maximum recommended duration for such a dose due to the toxicity of this steroid.

Beginner oral only winstrol cutting cycle


buy Winstrol Winny Powder Safe delivery

Our company is a professional leading factory in China in pharmaceutical area, ach batch of steroid powders have to tested by our QC(quality control) department before they are allowed to sell.

Professional packing with professional materials, and We'll give clients several Packing way to choose after you contact me through my email.


1. We will ship the goods within 3 days after get your payments. If you want to cancel or change order, please tell me within 24hours after you finish the payment...So we both can make the best of the bad bargain.

2. We will ship the goods that you order from us by EMS, DHL, UPS, or FedEx. We will decided to choose which courier depend on Different countries. To find the best way to delivery the goods for you.

3. As usual you can get the goods with in 4-7days. If the goods were lost or not received for other reasons, please contact me Immediately.

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