Tren Ace Raw Powder

Tren Ace Raw Powder

Legal Trenbolone is a safe steroid alternative that can be used by women to help transform their physique, increase energy, and boost strength.
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Product Details

Tren Ace Raw powder Specification

Product Name: Trenbolone Acetate

Assay: 99.06%

Description: yellow crystalline powder

Identification: IR, HPLC retention time

Absorbance: <0.3

Loss On Drying: ≤0.22%

Specific Rotation: +40.2°

Individual Impurities ≤0.50%

Total Impurities≤2.0%

Reporting level for impurities: ≤0.10%

Methanol: 600ppm

Acetone: 100ppm

Acetic Acid: Negative

Standard: USP38

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User's post on the forum

I am going to take this product period. I need guidence I am 20 years old, Ive done reasearch for days..and ive read to start at 50mg per day and eod every other day,some say 75mg some say 1400mg a week. so how much should I start at...Ill be doing this with two other first time users who are the same age, so its very important I get accurate answers.Can anyone explaing to me why its not for begainers or someone my age other than hair loss, libido,ance,high blood pressure and night sweats . Is it going to kill me? not saying Im a know it all thats why I am here to learn, but I know many people who have done steroids and nothing happends other than temp side effects. I sure in the long term you can have organ problems but everything these days will hurt you including prohormones. I took tren v700 for 2 months at 4 pills a day with a test booster ,the recommended was 2 a day, the only side effect I got was a 405 bench and an 1 1/2 in on my arms.

also how much of these results will I keep with a good pct? this drug not requier a dht conversion blocker
I do not mean to come off as a dick thanks you all for your imput and suggestions!

1. It's 5x as Anabolic AND Androgenic as Testosterone.
2. Test should always be THE base of a cycle.
3. Just because negative effects do not "appear" doesn't mean they're not happening within your body. Complete blood work and physical should be done a few times a year if you wanna take AAS.
4. You will lose all gains bc I guarantee you won't run PCT right.

Trenbolone Acetate premade oil

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