Testosterone Enanthate Hormone

Testosterone Enanthate Hormone

Testosterone enanthate Hormone is one of the first to have a long ester chain bonded to it. Furthermore It is used very commonly for the treatment of low testosterone levels.
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Testosterone enanthate Hormone Usages

The main function of Testosterone enanthate is to increase the testosterone level. Performance enhancing properties used by athletes


Boosts Muscle mass gain:

The product has Nitrogen retention properties, which creates a suitable environment for tissue construction. Also we know 16% of Nitrogen is found in all lean muscle mass. Nitrogen retention leads to protection of muscle mass.

Speeds up protein synthesis

Testosterone is one of the main androgens in the male body. As such a decrease in its level can cause various abnormalities, both physical and mental, in the male body. Also Protein synthesis is very important for the construction of muscle tissues and repair of damaged tissues.

Improves RBC production

The product has properties of increasing red blood cell count. Red blood cells carry oxygen. And increased oxygenation builds endurance and strength. This product also controls stress-producing hormones and leads to a stable environment. If stress hormones increase beyond a certain level, they can cause heart problems and other health issues.

Testosterone enanthate Hormone powder


>>For starters we recommend between 100- 200mg per week.
>>For performance enhancement we recommend doses of 200-250mg. This dosage is per week.
>>Average length of administration is 8-12 weeks.

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