Testosterone Cypionate Test Cyp

Testosterone Cypionate Test Cyp

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Test Cyp Reviews
Many athletes are satisfied with the result of taking test cypionate subcutaneous. Of course, weight reduction occurs, but the main part can be left with proper PCT construction.

Also, if you do not exceed the dosage and duration of the cycle, you can avoid other side effects, as well as take anti-estrogens on time. This anabolic steroid is recently on the market, but in the future it may take leading positions.


Testosterone cypionate Test Cyp is a single-ester, long-acting form of testosterone. Due to the length of its ester (8 carbons) it is stored mostly in the adipose tissue upon intra-muscular injection, and then slowly but very steadily released over a certain period of time. A peak is noted after 24-48 hours of injection and then a slow decline, reaching a steady point after 12 days and staying there over 3 weeks time.

Testosterone cypionate COA

Testosterone cypionate Test Cyp coa

A long-acting testosterone ester may be the best for all your mass-building needs, but it's not an easy product to use. Nolvadex and Proviron will come in very handy in such cases and post-cycle. HCG and Clomid or Nolvadex will be required as well to help restore natural testosterone.

Testosterone cypionate Test Cyp POWDER

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