Testosterone Cypionate 99% USP BP

Testosterone Cypionate 99% USP BP

EINECS: 200-368-4
Assay: 98% min.
Character: white or off-white crystalline powder.
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Usage: Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.
Effective Dose (Men): 300-2000mg+ week
Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
Active life: 15-16 days
Detection Time: 3 months
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio:100/100.


One of the biggest benefits associated with Testosterone Cypionate 99% USP BP is that it increases the number of red blood cells in the body that lead to a reversal of the side effects associated with anemia or low count of red blood cells.

The anabolic steroid is also admired for promoting the levels of nitrogen retention and protein synthesis besides facilitating an increase in the level of IGF-1 that is important to the complete growth and development of high-quality muscles. In addition to all these benefits, the testosterone compound is also useful in healing scars by promoting the activity of satellite cells that repair body's damaged muscles.

Testosterone Cypionate 99% USP BP


The standard dosage of Testosterone Cypionate 99% USP BP is 300-800 mg per week for men (6-8 weeks). Users of the anabolic steroid can expect a significant gain in terms of muscle mass, muscle definition, body strength, stamina, and performance during a cycle. Testosterone cypionate can be detected over a time of two to three months and has an active life of nearly 15-16 days.

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