Testosterone Base Raw Powder

Testosterone Base Raw Powder

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Testosterone Base raw powder benefits

* Enhanced fat burning
* Advanced muscular growth
* A boost in sexual performance
* Enhanced energy levels / a feeling of wellbeing
* Enhanced strength levels
* Protection against subjugated hormonal output
* Enhanced muscular recovery
* An enhanced anabolic atmosphere within the body thus boosting the effects of other anabolic items


Testosterone base is the undisputed king of steroids mainly because it is safe, elicits rapid mass and strength gains while maintaining libido, a sense of well being and energy. It’s not uncommon for a first time user to gain 15-20lbs of LBM in a standard Testosterone cycle. Pure Testosterone comes in a water based aqueous form (Suspension) and also in a solvent/oil based form (Test Base).

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Sample 8 week Suspension cycle

Monday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Tuesday 20mg Nolvadex
Wednesday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Thursday 20mg Nolvadex
Friday 150mg Suspension/20mg Nolvadex
Saturday 20mg Nolvadex
Sunday 20mg Nolvadex

Testosterone Base raw powder supplier

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