Test Prop Raw Powder

Test Prop Raw Powder

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Test Prop application

Testosterone propionate Test Prop should be injected every alternate day to gain maximum benefit while maintaining stable blood levels. Generally a weekly dose between 500 and 1000 mg forms a standard dosage.

Beginners should begin with a weekly dosage of 200-400mg or even 500mg, and unless you have specific bodybuilding needs, you can stick to this dosage permanently. For people interested in extreme gym training, or bodybuilding at a competitive level, dosages of 1000mg can be used safely. Extreme bodybuilders can even use testosterone propionate at dosages of 1500mg and beyond. But you should remember that with higher dosages, while benefits increase, risks also increase.

The minimum cycle of usage is at least 8 weeks, while a cycle of 16 weeks is optimally efficient. Following a testosterone propionate cycle, a well-planned post cycle therapy or PCT must start. Testosterone propionate is a testosterone variant with a short half life, so its associated PCT needs to begin soon. PCT should start 3 days after your last propionate injection. PCT generally consists of human growth hormone (HGH) for 10 days and is followed by a 3-4 week long therapy of Clomid or Nolva.

Why some people like Testosterone Propionate more than Enanthate and Cypionate?
Testosterone Propionate is an injectable steroid that works faster than Enanthate and Cypionate.

An oil-based substance the propionate ester slows the entry into the system from the injection location. This slowing will only last for a few days but causes the Testosterone Propionate to work faster but does require a more frequent schedule. If you don’t mind frequent dosing the development of mass and power is rapid and so will be the development of DHT and estrogen so the side effects will develop rapidly as well.

According to some, propionate is one of the mildest forms of testosterone esters available. It has also been alleged that it will harden the body with the lesser development of water. However, this is considered impossible as the ester is removed prior to the testosterone taking effect. Furthermore, the ester cannot remove the traits of the testosterone.

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