Test Isocaproate Powder

Test Isocaproate Powder

Testosterone Isocaproate
Alias: Testostero
CAS No: 15262-86-9
Einecs No: 239-307-1
MF: C25H38O3
MW: 386.57
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Product Details

Test isocaproate Raw Material
Testosterone Isocaproate is a fine white powder, easy to compress, stable at normal environmental conditions and has a low melting point compared to other substances.

Test isocaproate Powder Basic details

Synonyms: Testosterone Isocaproate; Steroid powder;

CAS No.: 15262-86-9

Molecular Weight: 386.57

Appearance: White crystalloid powder.

Formula: C25H38O3
EINECS: 239-307-1
Density: 1.07 g/cm3
Boiling Point: 487.6 ° C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 208 ° C

Related Substances: Pharmaceutical grade

Test isocaproate Chemical Characteristics
Test isocaproate is a modified form of the male hormone testosterone. It is an ester of a carboxylic acid bound to the 17-beta hydroxyl group. These modified forms of testosterone are not as polarized as free testosterone which generates slow absorption from the injection site. Once the testosterone isocaproate is in the bloodstream, the isocaproate ester separates from the testosterone making it free and active. This type of esterified steroid is designed to prolong the effect of the testosterone in the body, requiring less injections compared to other steroids that are not esterified. Testosterone isocaproate has a half life of approximately 10 days.

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