Test Cyp Test C Powder

Test Cyp Test C Powder

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About Test C

Test Cyp Test C is a synthetic version of the naturally produced testosterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for many different physical and mental characteristics in males. It promotes sex drive, fat loss, helps with gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass, increases bone density, and may even protect against heart disease.

It carries a rating of 100 when measuring its anabolic/androgenic structure and this rating is used to measure all other steroids. This would make testosterone the “father” of all anabolic steroids used by athletes today.

Common side effects

The appearance of gynecomastia, a violation of the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Also often encountered such side effects as hair growth, the appearance of acne on the face and back, decreased libido after the end of the cycle, sweating, pain in the head.

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How to slove the side effects problem?

All these problems can be solved if anti-estrogens and pressure reducing drugs are taken on time. Watch your health, always take tests.


QA : Can you guarantee I can get my goods without any custom problem?
AQ : Yes, We have Reship Service.You can get your goods without any problem.

QA : When you ship my order?
AQ : Normally within 2 to 3 days after confirming your payment

QA : How about the quality guarantee period?
AQ : 24 Months

QA : How do you hide the products?
AQ : Our shipping worker is very professional.They can pack various professional discreet package for hidding the products.


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