Sustanon Raw Powder

Sustanon Raw Powder

Sustanon 250 include
* Testosterone Propionate…………….30mg
* Testosterone Phenyl Propionate…..60mg
* Testosterone isocorporate………….60mg
* Testosterone Decanoate……………100mg
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Sustanon causes muscle growth and fat loss. Therefore, this steroid is anabolic and strong catabolic. It is also capable of increasing erythropoiesis and increasing muscle oxygen uptake. Due to high oxygen muscle uptake, strenuous exercise can be easily accomplished. It can increase the aggressiveness by neuromuscular transmission. Weight loss using this drug is noteworthy.


* Active life: Up to 3 weeks
* Dosage: Men 250-500 / week
* Detection Time: 3+ months
* Acne: User dependent
* Hepatotoxicity: Low
* Aromatization: Yes
* Water Retention: Low
* DHT (dihydrotestosterone) conversion: Yes
* Decrease HPTA function (testosteron production): Yes

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Raw Sustanon  Powder


Sustanon 250 does not increase muscle mass, but concentrates on muscle numbers. Erythropoiesis significantly increased and used in some anemias. It is used in conditions where glycogen synthesis is required. Bodybuilders use the game to increase aggression. Athletes are using for extreme training.

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