Superdrol Raw Powder CAS 3381-88-2

Superdrol Raw Powder CAS 3381-88-2

Delivery time: 5-7 business days door-to-door
Minimum order: 100g
Supply ability: 100kg per mouth
Quality standard: Enterprise standard
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Product Details

Name: Superdrol Raw Powder CAS 3381-88-2

Assay: 99%
Color: White crystalline powder
CAS: 3381-88-2
Molecular Formula: C21H34O2
Molecular Weight: 318.49
Melt Point: 223-225℃


Results Of Analysis Tests

TestAnalysis StandardResults
Specific Rotation+12°~ +17°+15.3°
Loss On Drying≤0.5%0.24%
Melting Point128~138°C129.6~136.2°C
Heavy Metals≤20ppm<10ppm
Conclusion(Be Conform Enterprise Standard)

Superdrol Raw Powder CAS 3381-88-2


Superdrol Raw Powder CAS 3381-88-2 will notably enhance protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Protein synthesis refers to the rate by which cells build proteins and nitrogen represents a key component in muscle tissue composition.

The hormone will also significantly increase red blood cell count providing greater muscular endurance. This is due to red blood cells being responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood and the increase in cells providing greater blood oxygenation.

There are various approaches you can take when it comes to running superdrol cycles. A lot of people who have never touched it before will choose to run it at 10 to 20mg.

Experienced users will often go with anywhere from 20 or 30mg, with some even pushing the upper limit of 40mg a day. Keep in mind that higher dosages will most likely result in more side effects such as lethargy.

To give you an idea of how powerful this compound is, here is what a steroid forum user had to say about it: It works WELL at only 10mg/day, it works AMAZINGLY at 20mg/day, as for 30mg/day you really don’t need that much. You may find that 10mg/day for ~6 weeks is better than 30mg/day for ~4 weeks

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