Raw Steroid Tren A Powder

Raw Steroid Tren A Powder

Assay: 99.06%
Description: yellow crystalline powder
Identification: IR, HPLC retention time
Absorbance: <0.3
Loss On Drying: ≤0.22%
Standard: USP38
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User's post on the forum

I am starting my first cycle of tren acetate. i am mainly a strength athlete but i need endurance as well, so im not looking to gain much weight. Any advice? Also ive heard that tren can cause sexual dysfunction, any imput would be greatly appreciated. thanx.

Trenbolone by itself results in abnormally low estrogen.

Ways to fix this include low-dose HCG, e.g. 100 IU per day or 200-250 IU every other day or 3x/week; or taking testosterone by injection. Even 100 mg/week will suffice to normalize estrogen. It’s not that trenbolone itself causes sexual dysfunction. Quite the opposite actually.

Dianabol also solves the estrogen problem, or overcompensates actually if using an anabolically quite-effective amount. But there are ways of dealing that as you know.

It’s not too bad on the liver if limited to for example 6 weeks.

The clearly apparent adverse consequence of abnormally low estrogen is lowered or eliminated libido and in some cases poorer sense of well-being.

It might interfere with muscle building as well.

I agree completely. I have never advocated trenbolone-only cycles, whereas trenbolone plus testosterone has always been a clear winner. Even if the testosterone is quite low dose such as 100 mg/week, it should be there.

(Or HCG can do the equivalent thing, just providing the testosterone from the tests instead of from a needle. Equivalent to up to about 200 mg/week of test.)

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