Raw Methenolone Acetate CAS 434-05-9

Raw Methenolone Acetate CAS 434-05-9

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Product Details

CAS No: 434-05-9
Appearance: White powder.
Einecs No: 207-097-0
Purity: 99%
MF: C22H32O3
MW: 344.49
MOQ(minimum order quantity): 10gram

Methenolone Acetate Liquid Cook Recipes:

50 Ml for 200mg/ml
10 grams Meth acetate Powder (7.5ml)
1ml BA (2%)
7.5ml BB (15%)
17ml Grapeseed Oil
17ml Ethyl Oleate

20mls @ 50mg/ml
1g powder
4.8ml BB
0.6ml BA
0.6ml polysorbate 80
12.5ml distilled water

Raw Methenolone Acetate CAS 434-05-9

Raw Methenolone Acetate CAS 434-05-9 description

Methenolone Acetate is a very safe cutting steroid, those who buy Primobolan will find it to be slightly more potent than Anavar but less potent than Winstrol; however, its ease of use regarding its side-effect friendly nature can often make it highly desirable among those sensitive to side-effects. Without question, this is one of the safest steroids for female use and many female physique athletes buy Primobolan on a regular basis. There is no steroid that is completely without possible side-effects but steroids such as Anavar and Primobolan are about as close as we can get. Many people who are sensitive to estrogenic related side-effects caused by anabolic steroids often buy Primobolan as such side-effects appear to be very rare.

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