Proviron Mesterolone Powder

Proviron Mesterolone Powder

Mesterolone Proviron, also known as 1α-methyl-4,5α-dihydrotestosterone or as 1α-methyl-5α-androstan-17β-ol-3-one, is a synthetic androstane steroid and derivative of DHT. It is specifically DHT with a methyl group at the C1α position.
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Regarding estrogen control, Mesterolone helps by binding itself to the estrogen receptors and aromatase enzymes without activating estrogen, hence reducing estrogenic activity.

Furthermore, Mesterolone also occupies aromatase molecules in order to prevent any estrogen conversion from testosterone. These two actions work in synergy to help inhibit estrogen increase while using an aromatizing/wet compound, such as testosterone or dianabol, for example.

Using solo
Unfortunately, using proviron by itself is useless. As you have read so far, it should be an addition to your cycle because it improves the results from the other compounds you are already using.

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It is important to remember that proviron is NOT the best way to fight estrogen, and users should always stick to AI’s (aromatase inhibitors) for this purpose. However, adding proviron to a cycle does have estrogen benefits.

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