Parabolan Powder CAS 23454-33-3

Parabolan Powder CAS 23454-33-3

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Parabolan Tren-Hex Half-Life and Detection Time

The half-life of Tren-Hex is 7-10 days. Those bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes who enter drug tested competitions/contests should be aware that at least five weeks is needed to completely clear Tren-Hex from the system.

Parabolan Cycles and dosage

The cycle with Parabolan is made taking into account the characteristics of a specific athlete: its mass, tasks on the cycle, intensity of training, the presence of other steroids - injection and oral.

Tren is a strong drug, therefore, a dosage of 150-300 mg per week is considered acceptable and relative safe. Exceeding these norms is not recommended. If only we are talking about a professional athlete who consciously takes a risk in order to achieve certain goals.

Usually in the cycle Tren Hex is always combined with testosterone. This combination enhances the effect of both steroids and ensures maximum return. The cycle lasts standardly from 6 to 8 weeks, in the last week it is necessary to start PCT. Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a good product to include in the cycle.

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Parabolan Tren-Hex Bulking and Cutting

Parabolan is so powerful that you can utilize it for both a bulking and cutting phase. For bodybuilders and athletes in the off-season or who are considering a bulking cycle, Parabolan can be used but if done so on its own, won’t provide the best results. Stack this steroid with other bulking agents and it will consolidate your gains, harden muscles and increase strength.

How to avoid Side Effects of Tren-Hex?

Side effects could happen if you use Tren-Hex or any form of Trenbolone. This is not the most user-friendly steroid and some of the side effects can be quite ugly. That doesn’t mean that everyone who uses Tren-Hex will experience all of these but just be on the lookout for how your body feels and looks when injecting this steroid.

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