Methyltrienolone Metribolone

Methyltrienolone Metribolone

Synonyms: Metribolone
CAS: 965-93-5
Character: White to light yellow crystalline powder.
Assay: 99% min.
MF: C19H24O2
MW: 284.39
Active Life: 4-6hours
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Increase muscular endurance and explosive power. Methyltrienolone Metribolone can also Treatment of advanced and recurrent breast cancer and ovarian cancer and other diseases.


1. Allows the substance to be highly powerful in even small doses.
2. Gives the user the ability to get far more significant results from each workout.
3. Leaves the body quickly.

Methyltrienolone Metribolone

Dosage :
1). For bigenners you should be kept very low, to around 500-750mcgs/day not much longer than 3-4 weeks .
2). For advanced users at up to 1 to 1.5mg/day, also not longer than 3-4 weeks.
3). There are claims that a 500-750mcg dose is relatively safe, and roughly as effective as 150-225mgs of Trenbolone Acetate.

Methyl Trenbolone Conversion Recipes:
1gram Methyltrienolone Metribolone 100ML @ 10mg/ml
97ml Ethyl Oleate
2ml Benzyl Alcohol

2gram Methyl Trenbolone 100ML @ 20mg/ml
3ml Benzyl Alcohol
95ml Grape seed oil


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