Methyltestosterone Raw Powder CAS 58-18-4

Methyltestosterone Raw Powder CAS 58-18-4

Product Name: 17-Methyltestosterone
CAS: 58-18-4
MF: C20H30O2
MW: 302.45
EINECS: 200-366-3
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Methyltestosterone Chemical Properties:
Methyltestosterone Raw Powder CAS 58-18-4 is White crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless, hygroscopic, light case of deterioration. ethanol solution at 240nm wavelength of maximum absorption. Soluble in chloroform and dioxane, soluble in ethanol (1:5), acetone (1:10), methanol, slightly soluble in ether, insoluble in water, vegetable oil. Mp 161-166℃, refractive index +69-+75°.

Methyltestosterone Raw Powder CAS 58-18-4 arrives in blood very fast and the disintegration period is very short. The Methyltestosterone is a steroid with a strong action because of its significant androgen effect. It is used especially when the aggressiveness has to be increased. The weightlifters use it before trainings and before important competitions because the androgen effect is observed after only one hour, befriending the aggressiveness, the overvaluation, the motivational impulse; these effects help them to lift more weights.

Methyltestosterone Raw Powder CAS 58-18-4 plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissue such as the testis and prostates,it can promote the male sex organs and used in seedling stage sex change, and used as a feed additive to produce predominately male populations of tilapia.In addition, Methyltestosterone is essential for health and well-being as well as the prevention of osteoporosis.

Methyltestosterone Raw Powder CAS 58-18-4

Methyltestosterone Usage:
Androgen. It has been used as an androgenic agent. Controlled substance (anabolic steroid). pharmaceutical material, Androgen for testosterone deficiency, replacement therapy can also be used for functional uterine bleeding, aplastic anemia and other diseases treatment.

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