Mesterolone Raw Powder

Mesterolone Raw Powder

Mesterolone is an orally active, 1-methylated DHT. Like Masteron, but then actually delivered in an oral fashion.
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CAS: 1424-00-06
MF: C20H32O2
MW: 304.47
EINECS: 215-836-3
Product Categories: Steroid and Hormone; API; Biochemistry; Hydroxyketosteroids; Steroids
Mol File: 1424-00-06. mol


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1) Mesterolone use has the extreme benefit of reducing estrogenic side-effects and water retention noted with other steroids, and as such still help to provide mostly lean gains.
2) The second use is in enhancing the potency of testosterone.
3) Thirdly, mesterolone is added in pre-contest phases to increase a distinct hardness and muscle density.
4) Lastly Proviron is used during a cycle of certain hormones such as nandrolone, with a distinct lack of androgenic nature, or perhaps 5-alpha reduced hormones that don't have the same affinities as DHT does.


Doses between 25 and 250 mg per day are used with no adverse effects. 50 mg per day is usually sufficient to be effective in each of the four cases we mentioned up above, so going higher really isn't necessary.

Why Mesterolone polupar?

Proviron is generally well liked nonetheless as it delivers very few side-effects in men. In high doses it can cause some virilization symptoms in women. But because of the high level of deactivation and pre-destination in the system (albumin, SHBG, 3bHSD, aromatase) quite a lot of it, if not all simply never reaches the androgen receptor where it would cause anabolic effects, but also side-effects.

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