Injectable Trenbolone Acetate Raw

Injectable Trenbolone Acetate Raw

CAS: 10161-34-9
Molecular formula: C20 H24 O3
Molecular weight: 312.4078
Minimum order: 10g
Usage : Extremely valuable in both cutting and bulking plans, Cutting cycle is more popular for preserving lean tissue and fat burning.
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User's post on the forum

In my experience almost all the instability caused from HEAVY androgen usage is actually not caused by the androgens themselves, but by the secondary effects, the elevated estrogen and prolactin.

Surpress prolactin with a dopamine agonist.
Surpress estrogen with an aromase inhibitor.

Game, set, match.

In my experience the guys running the highest doses seem to be the calmest and most stable. Same with the absolute monster boys, usually they are pretty chill.

Sure androgens increase aggression, but aggression without instability is really very easy to manage and is usualyl a good thing.

Aggression, leadership, assumption of command, etc…

Violence and instability are not the same thing as aggression, we use the term incorrectly.

Steroid aggression is more aptly named ASSERTIVENESS.

Does it amplify anger ? Sure, if you get angry on cycle and find it impossible to calm down, you are going to go ape shit if you lose control.

The key is not letting it get this far, avoiding alcohol, drugs, etc that cause your inhibitions to decrease.

Why would you drink on cycle anyways ? You trying to waste valuable gains ?

Low estrogen with high androgens = incredible emotional control, you can just decide not to feel shit, its amazing.

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