Injectable Testosterone Decanoate Oil

Injectable Testosterone Decanoate Oil

Testosterone Decanoate is a form of the male hormone testosterone.
Chemical Name : 4-androsten-3-on-17beta-ol y 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-ona
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Minimum order quantity: 100g
Packaging Details: Packing according to the arrangement of customer orders
Payment: T/T; Western Union; Money Gram;Bitcoin
Shipping: EMS,FedEx,DHL,TNT,UPS,etc.
Delivery Time: The day after the payment
Supply Ability: Mass Stock
Package: 1kg/aluminium foil bag or as required
Usage: can be used as pharmaceutical material,Male hormone, for male sexual dysfunction, aplastic anemia.


Testosterone Decanoate is a form of the male hormone testosterone. Test Deca is commonly used in the mixture of sustanon. After an application the decanoate ester releases a long lasting effect of testosterone into the bloodstream. This lasts approximately 3 weeks similar to nandrolone decanoate but more than enanthate and cypionate depending on the users metabolism and initial hormone level. To maintain the physiological levels of the testosterone in the body it is necessary to receive applications every 3 weeks to maintain hormone levels

Testosterone decanoate liquid

Usage and dosage
Because the Injectable Testosterone decanoate oil is so long lasting, users will only need to inject the drug once a week. The drug itself doesn’t fully leave the body for 15 days. Users sometimes stack Neotest 250 with Deca-Durabolin and inject them at the same time, as they will last in the body the same amount of time. Doses as little as 250 mgs/week will see results and extreme doses of 1000 mgs/week have been recorded with little side effects.

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