Injectable Steroid Boldenone Acetate

Injectable Steroid Boldenone Acetate

CAS No.: 2363-59-9
Molecular formula: C21H28O3
Molecular weight: 328.45
Storage conditions:2-8 ° C(Or put it in a place away from the sun and Room temperature)
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Injectable Steroid Boldenone Acetate will be a painful injection. This steroid contains 25mg / ml of the hormone boldenone on the acetate and 75mg / ml of the hormone boldenone attached to the propionate. But Boldenone Acetate can increase red blood cells more strongly, increase Appetite and repair of connective tissue are also a huge advantage for bodybuilders.

Boldenone acetate cycle and dosage

No.1A dose of 200-500 mg per week. Up to 800 mg
No.2Inject once every 2-3 days. It will kick in about 3 days. Half life 3 days.
No.3Inject once every 2-3 days. It will kick in about 3 days. Half life 3 days.
No.4The minimum recommended period for Injectable Steroid Boldenone Acetate is 6 weeks
No.5Some people like to use it to stack a little testosterone or trenbolone; but the wonderful part of the Boldenone acetate acetate version does not require kickstart, so you can save on using oral to start.

Injectable Steroid Boldenone Acetate


Boldenone Acetate is able to make more use of less food and enhance its ability to act as an effective hormone for "cutting." This is because this steroid can also significantly increase protein synthesis and red blood cell count, which means that nutrients can be transported more efficiently throughout the body.

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