Fluoxymesterone Raw Powder

Fluoxymesterone Raw Powder

Alias:Halotestin, Halotest,Halo
CAS ID: 76-43-7
M.F.: C20H29FO3
M.W.: 336.44
Powder Purity: 98.10% by HPLC.
Melting point: 270°C.
Appearance: White to pale yellow powder.
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Fluoxymesterone is an oral steroid with high androgenic and anabolic properties. Its major application is in increasing strength, muscular hardness and aggression, without increase of body weight. Halotestin has high liver toxicity.

Fluoxymesterone VS Testosterone
* Suppression of HPG axis – Yes
* Liver toxicity – High
* Available form – tabs
* Anabolic properties – 1900%
* Androgenic properties – 850%
* Transformation into estrogens – No
* Duration – 6-9 hours
* Doping test – detectable during two months

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In medical practice Halotestine was used to treat hypogonadism and delayed puberty in men, as well as breast cancer in women.

However, nowadays it is out of use. Fluoxymesterone is about 5 times stronger than methyltestosterone.

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