DECA Durabolin Raw Powder

DECA Durabolin Raw Powder

Nandrolone Decanoate has gained a reputation for its ability to produce large muscle gains, relieving joint pain and enhancing the immune system.
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Product Details

Active Life: 14-16 days
Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (injectable)

Water Retention: Yes, but less than testosterone

Acne: Yes, in higher dosages or sensitive individuals
High Blood Pressure: Dose depandant
Liver Toxic: No
Aromatization: Low, converts to less active norestrogens
DHT Conversion: No, converts to NOR-DHT with low activity
Decrease HPTA function: Yes, extreme
Other Info: Highly anabolic/moderate androgenic effects

Average Dose: Men 300-800 mg/week.Women 50-100 mg/week


When you compare the negative side effects with those risked by using testosterone, you will find that Deca has only a 20% chance of negative side effects. It poses a low risk of liver toxicity while promoting gains in strength and size and at the same time a reduction in body fat.
It has apparently proven itself to be a great “foundation” drug for any type of cycle. In order for Deca to be effective it must be used in a cycle of at least 12 weeks.
It should also be taken along with testosterone due to the body’s natural levels of testosterone dropping. When a Nandrolone Decanoate cycle ends, testosterone should continue to be taken in therapeutic doses.

DECA Durabolin benefits

1) Increased levels of testosterone
2) Enhanced production of red blood cells (the greater the number of red blood cells, the greater the transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to bodily tissues including muscle cells, promoting growth)
3) Boost in muscle size

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Deca Durabolin Side Effects
1) Firstly, Deca Durabolin will not cause estrogenic related side effects in the majority. Aromatising at the rate of 20% of the rate of Testosterone, estrogen should not be problematic when using Deca. Estrogenic related side effects include, water retention, hypertension and gynecomastia. These wont be common in most Deca users, but can be magnified in the presence of exogenous Testosterone.
2) Secondly, as we’ve already cited, Nandrolone is a progestin. This means it can increase the hormones prolactin and progesterone. Both these two hormones can cause their own side effects; these include gynecomastia, lactation, loss of sexual desire and bloating. Both progesterone and prolactin can be managed by the usage of anti-estrogen drugs such as, selective estrogen-receptor modulators (SERMs) and aromatase inhibitors (AIs).
3) Your cholesterol will also negatively be impacted by the usage of Nandrolone.

DECA Durabolin cycles

The Nandrolone Decanoate Cycle. The Nandrolone Decanoate cycle is longer and ranges to 12 weeks. Men have a dosage of 300-600mg per week whereas women have a significantly lower dosage than men at only 50mg per week.

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