99% USP Superdrol Raw

99% USP Superdrol Raw

Product Name:Methyldrostanolone,Superdrol powder
Alias: Methasterone,M-Drol, S-Drol, Methastadrol
Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
CAS No.: 3381-88-2
MF: C21H34O2
MW: 318.49
Purity: 98.32%
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Product Details

Product details

Product Name

99% USP Superdrol Raw

Other NameMethyl-1-Testosterone/Superdrol
Half life6 - 8 hours
Melt Point223-225℃

Molecular formula



Muscle Gain,Bodybuilding

1) Improved muscle strength and development
2) More energy
3) Improve the health and appearance of skin
4) Reduction in aggression and mood swings
5) Improve sleep at night

99% USP Superdrol Raw

As 99% USP Superdrol Raw is a type of steroid, it works by changing the the hormone production of the body. The substance is available in both a capsule or tablet form and as a liquid. Those using the liquid form will need to inject the steroid every day for best results. Those interested in the supplements will find that Superdrol is just one of the ingredients and that the capsules also contain other natural and manufactured ingredients. It forces the body to produce a large amount of hormones to better regulate body temperature, weight gain and other factors.

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