99% USP Boldenone Acetate Bold Ace

99% USP Boldenone Acetate Bold Ace

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Cook Recipes:
100ml 99% USP Boldenone Acetate Bold Ace + Benzyl Benzoate + Benzyl Alcohol
100ml @ 100mg/ml
100g Boldenone Acetate powder 80ml
18% Benzyl Benzoate 18ml
2% Benzyl Alcohol 2ml

Side Effects And Prevention
Any anabolic androgenic steroid does have the potential to trigger a number of undesired side effects. Some factors can influence these side effects and include:

Age – the body metabolizes drugs differently as we age
Gender – males and females metabolize drugs at different rates, depending on metabolism, hormone levels, and chemical balances in the body.
Height versus weight – most drug dosage recommendations in medical scenarios are based on a person’s height versus weight. This aids in the determination of frequency as well as potential results.
Current health status
Medical conditions such as diabetes or other metabolic or hormonal disturbances can also negatively influence a drug’s main mechanism of action, it’s half-life, and overall efficacy.

Serious reactions can and do occur with use of anabolic androgenic steroids, even at low dosages. Risks increase with stacking of other components to the 99% USP Boldenone Acetate Bold Ace in order to achieve accelerated results

99% USP Boldenone Acetate Bold Ace




Assay(on dry bsis)



Specific Rotation



Loss On Drying



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