1-Testosterone Cypionate 1-test Cyp DHB

1-Testosterone Cypionate 1-test Cyp DHB

Alias: 1-Test Cyp, Dihydroboldenone Cypionate, DHB Cypionate
Purity: >98%
Appearance: White or pale yellow powder
Melting point: 117-119˚C
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Product Details

1-Testosterone Cypionate Homebrew recipes
50 ml @ 200 mg/ml
10g 1-Testosterone Cypionate 1-test cyp DHB powder
10cc sryinges
20g needels
25g needles
0.22 or 0.45 whatmans
BA 24%
BB 6%
Cottenseed oil or GSO

1-Testosterone Cypionate Bodybuilding Benefits:
1-Testosterone Cypionate 1-test cyp DHB is not capable of converting to 5a reductase, it is already a "dihydro" form of boldenone, so you can not be afraid of oily skin, acne and hair loss. Test on rats have shown that Dihydroboldenone is significantly more active than Boldenone, Nandrolone, DHT, Primobolan and even more actively than the parent Testosterone. Also, because of susch structure, Dihydroboldenone is not capable for aromatization, therefore you can not expect gynecomastia, water retention and fat accumulation. Users of this product have reported that this steroid provides growth, dry, weight, fat burn, increase muscle density and vascularity.

1-Testosterone Cypionate 1-test cyp DHB

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