Epistane Powder

Epistane Powder

Epistane is a type of Pro Hormone. It is very comparable to winstrol & turinabol in that will not increase water retention at all. So the user should not expect to put on water weight on them. Epistane is also one of the legal forms of prohormones. It can produce as much as five kilograms of muscle mass throughout each cycle, which usually lasts around one month.
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Epistane Epi is a dihydrotestosterone DHT derivative that is similar to epitiostanol – a Japanese anti-estrogen drug used to treat breast cancer. The difference is that epistane has an additional single methyl group, which helps it give a much stronger anabolic release. As a matter of fact, on paper it has a 1100:91 anabolic to androgenic rating.

Thanks to its DHT structure, Epi will not aromatize into estrogen like other prohormones or anabolic steroids will. What’s more, epistane does not present progesterone issues.



White crystalline powder

Melting point


Specific Rotation


Loss On Drying




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* No water retention

* Increase muscle & muscle endurance

* For cutting and fatburning

* Dry and lean gains

* Burn fat without losing muscle

* No estrogen conversion

* Easy for you to use

* Increase libido instantly

* Competition ready result


A starting dosage is 30 milligrams (mg), and it can go up to 60mg per day in split dosages. Epistane has a 6 hour half life, and since it is harsh on the liver, you should limit the cycle duration to 6 weeks.

Side Effects

Epistane is liver toxic, but not as much as other prohormones.

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