What Is Needed For Muscle Gain

- Dec 17, 2019-

If you want muscle protein synthesis to be greater than muscle protein breakdown, you need to do two things: resistance training and sufficient protein intake.

Scientific research has found that resistance exercises are an effective way to stimulate the rate of muscle protein synthesis. The scientists also found that the stimulation effect of resistance training can be as long as 48 hours, that is, after the resistance training is completed, the muscle protein synthesis rate will continue to accelerate in the next 48 hours. Researchers have also found that the rate of muscle protein synthesis increases by 30-100% after a high-protein meal.

And if the two are combined, the rate of muscle protein synthesis will increase even more, that is to say, eating high-protein meals after resistance training will have a better muscle gain effect.

Therefore, both resistance training and a high-protein diet can increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis, thereby achieving muscle gain.

What is needed for Muscle Gain