Unisex Anavar, 20 Things You Should Know

- Dec 05, 2019-

Anavar, the drug name Oxandrolone, is an anabolic steroid that reduces body fat without losing muscle mass and is popular among bodybuilders.

Searle Laboratories developed Anavar in the 1960s to help regenerate muscles in patients with diseases that cause unconscious weight loss.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often use this drug during the preparation and fat-reduction stages. It can give users an excellent increase in strength, dissolve body fat and harden muscles. Of course, of course, if you use Oxandrolone quality is in place.

1. Speed up weight loss (with a clean diet)
Anavar is mainly used during the fat loss cycle, it can help bodybuilders lose weight faster while maintaining muscle mass.

A 2004 study showed that the drug can reduce body fat even without exercise.

However, it must be reminded that one should not expect the effect of the Anavar cycle with 25% body fat and poor diet.

If your body is already well-formed, eats clean, and works hard, then you can expect some very impressive weight loss results.

2. Help women achieve muscle gains without side effects
Anavar's effect on women is like male testosterone. Women can use Anavar to gain muscle. Although its effect on men's muscle building is not very large, proper Anavar (5mg ~ 20mg) can help women achieve unexpected results. And don't worry about masculinity.

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3.No aromatic side effects
One of the advantages of Anavar is that it does not undergo aromatization (estrogen conversion). As explained by Wikipedia, because Oxandrolone does not produce aromas, users do not have to worry about estrogen-related side effects such as male breast milk and water retention .

4. Stable income
As long as the user can cooperate with a good PCT, Anavar can provide very good long-term benefits.

The muscle gain and fat reduction achieved through the use of Anavar is often impressive and does not disappear within a few weeks, especially compared to other drugs such as Dianabol and Anadrol (the benefits from these drugs are generally not reliable enough)

5. Minor side effects (especially oral)
As mentioned in point 3, Anavar cannot be converted to estrogen, which means it has fewer side effects.

Anavar does not have much effect on blood pressure and does not cause much damage to the liver at lower doses.

Some of the potential side effects of Anavar include mild suppression, acne, hair loss, and nausea (depending on individual physical fitness)

6, break through the bottleneck period
If your body has reached a bottleneck and muscles can't harden or lose body fat, then Anavar is a great way to help you improve.

Anyone who has been training in the gym for 3 to 5 years should consider using Anavar for promotion and breakthrough.

7.Enhance the effect of diet
Anavar can really enhance the benefits of a clean diet and a calorie-controlled diet. Many people will feel "out of state" or "flat muscles" when they are on a clean or restricted diet.

Anavar can help you get rid of this situation, even if your diet is clean or calorie-restricted, you will get a great muscle feel.

8. 'Dry' income
Although Anavar does not provide users with extremely powerful muscle-building effects, it does not mean that users have no muscle-building gains.

It makes the user's muscles "dry" because it does not retain water.

Compared to oral steroids like Dianabols, although it can help users gain weight quickly, most of their weight will disappear after the end of the cycle due to its water retention.

9. Excellent choice for the activation phase
A common routine in the steroid cycle is to use fast-acting drugs to provide rapid growth while waiting for long ester steroids to fully function during use.

Anavar is an excellent oral steroid activation option, which provides users with instant strength to increase and strengthen muscle stiffness.

10.Suitable for off-season female bodybuilders
For competitive female bodybuilders, Anavar is very suitable for off-season use. The typical cycle dosage is from 5mg to 10mg / day (depending on experience), and then increase or decrease the dose as needed.

11. Women do not need PCT
For female players taking Anavar, they do not need PCT.

It is recommended that some female users gradually reduce the amount at the end of the cycle and maintain a clean diet for a period of time after the end of the cycle, which can reduce the impact on the body after the end of the cycle.

12.Men need PCT
Anavar cycles have no estrogen-related side effects, and some users mistakenly believe that PCT is not necessary after such cycles.

However, Anavar is a steroid after all, especially at higher doses where PCT is necessary.

13.Strong bones
One of Anavar's original uses is to treat osteoporosis. If you are a guy in his early 20s and often drinks milk, no problem, your bones must be very strong.

But if you are already 30 or up, it is strongly recommended that you use Anavar during the preparation period.

14, mild HPTA inhibition
Unlike many steroids, Avanar at low doses only causes relatively mild hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) inhibition, meaning you don't have to worry about a sharp drop in your testosterone levels.

However, the side effects of Anavar vary from person to person, so you still need to consider using some HCG. The half-life of Anavar is 8 hours, so, depending on the periodic dose, you need to use 2 to 3 times a day.

15.Enhance pump feel
Like most oral steroids, Anavar can give users a crazy pump in some muscle groups. If you are a natural player and you are using Anavar for the first time, be sure to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

16.Accelerate recovery
Anavar can help users complete recovery very quickly. If there are weaknesses in your body shape, such as weak shoulders or weak legs, you can practice the weak spots more than once a week without having to worry about the intensity of the training. You recover faster and you can make up for shortcomings.

17.Reduce waist circumference
The fat-reducing effect of the Anavar cycle is self-explanatory. It can burn visceral fat even with lower testosterone levels in men. Less visceral fat = thinner waistline.

Remember, bodybuilding is a visual exercise, and the point of many times is not even how wide you can build your shoulders, but the poor vision of the shoulder and waist.

18. Excellent choice for bridge stage
Although the bridging cycle did not stop taking the drug (some people suggested that the HPTA function should be completely restored), it is essential for the solid effect of the previous cycle and the connection of the next cycle, especially for the period of bodybuilding without intention to participate Enthusiasts or bodybuilders with a high frequency of participation.

Anavar is an excellent choice for the bridging phase, which allows the body to separate from androgen compounds and build positive benefits.

19.No effect on the heart and lungs
Some fat-reducing drugs like Clenbuterol will have a certain effect on the user's cardiopulmonary function, but Anavar will not at all. Users can continue to perform their favorite aerobic exercise and get more surprises.

20.Excellent effect with testosterone
Anavar cycle alone is not wise. By using testosterone as the basis of the cycle, users will gain more muscle and strength benefits. The superposition of testosterone and Anavar can be said to be a simple, safe and effective combination.