The Link Between Baldness And Testosterone

- Oct 21, 2019-

The Link between Baldness and Testosterone. When hair loss is associated with elevated testosterone levels, the balding effect is a symptom of the increased sensitivity of the hair follicles to the androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The condition is usually considered to be genetic, and the sensitive hair follicles shrink as a reaction to testosterone exposure. When the follicles shrink, they are unable to produce normal growth or support existing hair, which results in thinning hair and eventual hair loss.

The Link between Baldness and Testosterone

In both males and females Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone. It works in conjunction with other hormones and systems in the body to produce masculine features, sex drive, and hair growth. The bio-availability of this hormone is usually regulated by a SHBG which joins with the free testosterone, preventing it from being converted to DHT. When the production of testosterone becomes unbalanced by health problems, genetics, medication, or other factors, it can lead to elevated levels of free testosterone, and baldness can be an early symptom of the condition. Steroid use among athletes has also been attributed to causing the increased testosterone levels associated with alopecia.