How To Stimulate The Release Of More Human Growth Hormone?

- Oct 05, 2019-

1, HGH injection

In most countries, the control of human growth hormone is very strict and can only be obtained by doctor's prescription. Overdose of human growth hormone causes acromegaly, which is clearly not a pleasant experience. In fact, there is no need to inject HGH. If you find that you lack human growth hormone, you can stimulate secretion through the following aspects.

2, Purposeful exercise

High-intensity energy-consuming exercise and long-term physical exercise are the key to stimulating the secretion of more human growth hormone. This is also the most effective form of releasing HGH because its role is to meet the needs of muscle use. The basic principle is to exercise for no more than 45 minutes, as this is the critical point at which HGH begins to decrease and begins to produce cortisol.

3, Appropriate rest

Human growth hormone secreted during sleep accounts for about three-quarters of the daily total. Therefore, good sleep is essential to promote HGH secretion. But the human growth hormone produced in this way is not as powerful as other methods because it is produced to restore the body's strength through sleep, rather than meeting additional energy needs. However, HGH produced by proper rest can make HGH from other sources more efficient.

4, Nutrition

Protein is needed to build muscle, so eat more protein-rich foods. Ingesting a protein shake in the form of a protein shake 45 minutes before exercise helps increase the secretion of human growth hormone. Make sure the milkshake contains arginine, glutamic acid and taurine, which are most effective in secreting HGH. Other nutrients that promote human growth hormone secretion also include vitamins C, A, B3, B5 and B12, chromium and zinc, and most antioxidants.