How To Dry Without Losing Muscle

- Dec 09, 2019-

The most feared in the fat-reducing period is to lose muscle. The growing muscles are hard-trained. Only a little sweat can gain a little bit of growth. How can we maximize the retention of muscles? .

How to do it? Recommend 3 slightly different schemes:

1. Oxandrolone or Stanozolol + Mesterolone + GHRP-2 + Clenbuterol + T3
Oxandrolone is the key to preserving lean body mass during fat loss. TA can retain your muscles in fat-reducing C. Oxandrolone is a very mild drug. Don't worry about side effects.

The difference between the choice of Oxandrolone and Stanozolol lies in that the lean weight is selected for Oxandrolone. If you want to choose Stanozolol even more dry!

Metestosterone has no side effects. Please use it with confidence. At any stage, metestosterone can perfectly use your own free testosterone, making them more obedient to participate in the process of increasing or decreasing the body.

G-2 is a lipid-reducing peptide of peptides. Peptides do not need to worry about suppression of endocrine secretion. They can increase lean body mass while consuming fat. And TA is a subcutaneous fat injection in the waist. Add CLEN while extracting your fat. CLEN can activate your β receptors, which can increase the body's body temperature, generate heat-generating silver, accelerate fat metabolism, and speed up fat loss.

How to dry without losing muscle

T3 is a thyroid hormone that can directly accelerate basal metabolism, so fat will be quickly brushed off. 2.HGH + GHRP-2 + Clenbuterol + T3

The combination of pure peptide brushes does not suppress any endocrine secretion!

HGH can be added during muscle gain and fat loss, and the methods of use are different.

During brushing, you need to inject 2IU every morning. At this time, the body's metabolic weight has reached a minimum after overnight. At this time, the body needs more calories to help the body perform normal behavioral metabolism. At this time, injection of HGH, growth hormone The principle is to burn fat to power the body. At this time, the intake of HGH directly starts to burn your fat to provide energy for overnight consumption, so that you can reduce fat more effectively. The principle and process are quite direct and scientific!

In summary, these two sets of fat-reducing combinations are very scientific and effective, and there is no suppression of endogenous secretion, which will not have any effect on the testis, and the second group of combinations is also very suitable for girls to reduce fat!