How To Buy Anadrol

- Mar 24, 2021-

Anadrol is a pretty common and fairly popular anabolic steroid on the market, and is one that is sure to be manufactured, stocked, and supplied by most, if not all major sources and vendors. As with any anabolic steroid, Anadrol can be purchased as either a pharmaceutical grade or underground lab (UGL) grade anabolic steroid product. Differences in quality, and especially in price, exist between the two. Generally, however, Oxymetholone is a fairly affordable and decently priced anabolic steroid on the market, especially when compared with those compounds that are rarer and more exotic.

Pharmaceutical grade Adrol can run for around $1.30 – $2.50 per 50mg tablet. Underground quality Anadrol can often be found and bought for $0.75 – $2.30 per tablet. Of course, this is a very large range and is very dependent on not just the grade of product (pharma vs. UGL), but also on the actual type of source utilized, with the two major types being internet and in-person ‘dealers’. There are other differences and factors that affect price as well, such as minimum order limits and whether or not the source may be intentionally taking advantage of less experienced anabolic steroid users and beginners that may not know better (this is common among the in-person dealers).

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How to Buy Anadrol