Get Muscle Gains, Need To Pair Tren Acetate Up With Primo Or Winny Maybe Both?

- Dec 02, 2019-

Tren is a very strong androgen.. women should avoid it in my opinion, unless you want your voice a few octaves lower, facial hair, and not to mention what it could do to the female sex organ.

There are OTHER products that you can use to recomp the way you want withOUT turning to the hormonal route. For example a natural testosterone booster with a great nutrient repartitioning/insulin mimic product.

If you WERE determined to go the hormonal side, then either anavar or winni would be the ONLY advisable products (and then, only once you have built up a solid training base/history and had EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT FIRST!!!)

I know a few women who used tren, they liked it, i believe they went the DSMO route as the doses were real small. That is all the info i could tell you. I know women who love var, winny seems to be hit or miss since some women get bad sides, and Nandrolone Phenlypropionate was real popular as you could stop and have it out of your system quickly if you had problems.

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Get muscle gains Tren AcetateI am not big on women and anabolics but people have their own choices to make. If you can't find any info on here and are dead set on anabolicms shoot me a pm, i think i still know some people on the net i can point you towards.

Yep, if you MUST use something, I'd bump var for women, and even then, at very small doses. Even some long-time male AAS users avoid Tren, as it comes with a lot more than muscle...lots of potential side-effects.

Luckily, there are a lot of other great pro-anabolic (non-hormonal) products out there. Many safer and still effective options that are also legal (if that matters).