Anadrol Dosage Info

- May 12, 2020-

Many experts suggest that Oxymetholone Anadrol is left to more experienced bodybuilders and that those new to taking anabolic steroids should first try one which is gentler on the body.

For those that choose to take this steroid, the dosage needs to be controlled tightly because of the potential hepatic toxicity.

Anadrol Dosage Info

Beginners should take no more than 25-50mg per day; this is enough to deliver satisfying gains without being too risky. Even intermediate users may find that a dose of 50mg is sufficient to deliver the extra bulk. Those who want to push for more may want to increase the dose up to around 100mg.

Experienced bodybuilders who are able to tolerate anabolic steroids can take a dose of between 100-150mg. At this level, there are serious risks to the liver and the individual must be vigilant for signs of side effects. Very few users need to take such a large dose of Oxymetholone .