Why Choose Oral Winstrol For Your Cycle

- Mar 15, 2021-

Oral Winstrol have a good synergetic effect, being able to increase the potency of other anabolics taken concomitantly at several times. This is possible due to the influence it has on Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), a glycoprotein found in the liver. Its function is to convey the testosterone throughout the body, but it has the bad habit to bound to the testosterone and prevent it from its anabolic functions.

Since oral steroid has to pass through the liver it interacts with SHBG and have an unexpected effect on it: it lowering it as no other steroid is able to do. This way, oral winstrol “ save” big amounts of testosterone and let them work. The lower is the SHBG, the higher is the anabolic activity of testosterone. At a dosage of only 2 mg of oral Winstrol for each body weight, the SHBG is reduced to almost fifty percent.

The same effect would not be possible to achieve with injectable Winstrol. The reason is that injectable Winstrol primarily got in the bloodstream and only after this pass the liver and has the possibility to interact with SHBG. Oral Winstrol do it in the first instance and manage to get control of SHBG right from the beginning.

Wisntrol Raw Powder

Wisntrol Raw Powder