What is sustanon half life

- Nov 18, 2019-

Sustanon 250 half-life - It has different half-life since it is made up of four different esterified Testosterone compound. Its half-life falls in different categories. After injecting Sustanon 250, it usually has a half-life of 4 days. The level may fall into the quarter by the 10th, and the level goes down to one-eighth by the sixteenth day, and then it shoots down to one-sixteenth by the 23rd day.

What is sustanon half life

The half-life of different Sustanon Compounds
Testosterone phenylpropionate has a longer half-life as compared to Testosterone propionate and isocaproate. It has a half-life of 4-5 days and thus is longer lasting and more impactful.

Testosterone Propionate has the shortest half-life of 2-3 days. It starts showing its effect within 24 hours of injection.

Testosterone isocaproate half-life if this compound is 7-9 days. If it is used as a single testosterone supplement, then you need t to inject it after every week. This compound is also found in Aratest and Omnadren.

Testosterone decanoate has the longest half-life and is thus the most powerful one. Its half-life extends for more than two weeks. It may also have an active life of a month thus you may need to inject it after a month. But, this only happens in the case of hormone replacement therapy.