What are the adverse reactions of testosterone propionate powder?

- Sep 12, 2019-

17-alpha alkyl-substituted testosterone is toxic to the liver and can cause jaundice. Long-term use in female patients may cause masculine manifestations such as acne, hairy, thickened voice, and altered libido. When liver dysfunction and masculinization are found, the drug should be discontinued immediately. Large doses can cause masculinization, edema, liver damage, jaundice, dizziness, etc.

Those who have allergic reactions should stop taking the drug. Liver and kidney dysfunction, prostate cancer patients and pregnant women hanged. If the injection is crystallized, it can be dissolved by heating and then injected. Pregnant and lactating women, prostate cancer patients are banned; liver function should be checked regularly during medication, if there is liver damage, it should be reduced or stopped; prepubertal children should be reduced when applied, and bone age measured every 6 months .