Steroid Half-Lives? What Is a Half-Life

- May 20, 2020-

The elimination half-life of any drug or substance, including steroids, is a measure of how long it takes for a 50% reduction of the steroid concentration to remain in the blood or body. Knowing the half life of a steroid you’re taking makes it easy to plan your cycles, know which steroids to use and how long you should use them for.

Steroid Half-Lives What Is a Half-Life

It will also allow you to know what’s happening in your body if you’re faced with substance testing. The half life of a steroid remains the same no matter what your dosage is or how long you’ve been using it. The following is a list of the most popular anabolic steroids and their half-lives:

CompoundActive Half-lifeDetection Time
Anadrol8 to 9 hours8 weeks
Sustanon 25015-18 days3 months
Deca-Durabolin15 days18 months
Dianabol4.5 to 6 hours6 weeks
Anavar9 hours3 weeks
Winstrol9 hours3 weeks
Winstrol Depot1 day9 weeks
Testosterone Cypionate12 days3 months
Testosterone Enanthate10.5 days3 months
Testosterone Propionate3-4.5 days2 weeks
Testosterone Suspension1 day1-2 days
Trenbolone Acetate3 days5 months
Trenbolone Enanthate8 days5 months
Clenbuterol1.5 days4-6 days
Proviron12 hours5-6 weeks
Masteron3-4 days3 weeks
Halotestin9.5 hours2 months
Primobolan Oral2-3 days4-5 weeks
Primobolan Depot10.5 days5 weeks
Equipoise14 days4-5 months
Turinabol16 hours11-12 months
Arimidex*2-3 days2 weeks
Clomid*5-7 days2 months
Letrozole*2-4 days2 weeks
Nolvadex*7-14 days2 months

Note: Clomiphene Citrate, Nolvadex (Tamoxifen), Arimidex (Anastrozole) and Letrozole (Femara) are ancillaries usually used during a post-cycle therapy (PCT).

Half life length can vary considerably between different steroid types. For example, Deca-Durabolin has a long half life of 15 days, while Winstrol has a very short half life of just 9 hours. Steroids with a longer half life take longer to withdraw from compared to those with shorter half lives.