Safe dosage of oral steroids

- Dec 08, 2019-

No.1: Dianabol:
The minimum recommended record for Dianabol is 15 mg / day, increasing the dose weekly to allow the body to gradually adapt, and the maximum recommended dose is 50 mg / day. That is a span of 15-50 mg. In fact, 50 mg is already a fairly large dose, which requires sufficient driving experience, and for sellers of 8 capsules / day, I can only say to you! !!

Because Dianabol has strong liver toxicity and water storage. And the legendary fat storage does not exist, any drug will not let you store fat. Of course, if you don't care about these, and belong to the real "tough guy" only for rapid growth effects, then I did not say.

have to be aware of is:
1. Dianabol is also suitable for non-seasonal maintenance and fat reduction. Yes Dianabol can be used in the fat reduction period, but it needs sufficient matching skills and proper control. This highly cost-effective product is definitely your fault. Two choices!
2. Obviously, anti-feminine and liver-protective periods are required during Dianabol, and PCT is required. If you casually make Dianabol for one cycle without any action, it is obviously irresponsible and unprofessional!
3. Dianabol is recommended for 4-6 weeks.

Safe dosage of oral steroids

No.2: Anadrol:
Anadrol can never stand alone. As a 17aa structured product, Anadrol has strong liver pressure. Although the growth is amazing, you must be more cautious when using it. After all, strong endogenous suppression is not random. It can be recovered naturally, and specific safety usage can be consulted. But still, if you have to be alone, no one can stop it.

Let's talk about the dose: 50mg / day is actually very sticky, and 100mg is not very common. Of course, the effect will be better, but the pressure will be greater, half the sea water and half the flame. Already. No matter how many doses are actually better than more than 100, there is always a degree in everything, and it is no exception on Anadrol, remember that even higher doses will not bring more growth!

No.3: Oral turinabol
The safe dosage of Oral turinabol is 30-50 mg / day. The maximum recommended use period is 6-8 weeks, and the optimal safe period should be controlled within 6 weeks.

Relatively speaking, it is not recommended for women, but if it is absolutely enough to bring 5-10 g / day to bring very obvious changes, it is also recommended to use it for no more than 6 weeks, of course you have a better choice, such as Oxandrolone.

1.Oral turinabol belongs to the 17aa structure of steroids, which obviously have certain liver pressure. Of course, it is not the strongest 17aa steroid, but it is still recommended to protect the liver, and it will not cause damage to the liver within a safe dose range;

2. But at the same time Oral turinabol is also one of the mildest steroids, because it will not be feminized, relatively small androgenesis and lower liver pressure;

3. In order to avoid the endogenous suppression of Oral turinabol, it is recommended to use it with metestosterone, and it is necessary to complete PCT in a cycle.

No.4: Proviron (Mesterolone)
Proviron does not have any side effects, but it cannot be used as the main force in circulation, but as a basic auxiliary drug for oral muscle gain or fat loss. Its safe dose is 50-150 mg / day, which can be used continuously for 8-12 week. Women usually use 10-15 mg / day to bring obvious results.

Proviron can also be used in PCT to improve sperm quality, and has a certain anti-estrogen effect, and can also be used if the testicle CYCLE temporarily shrinks.

No.5: Oxandrolone:
In the fat-reducing period, the artifact oxygen male that retains lean body weight, even if it is mild again, TA is a drug after all, so it should not be eaten indiscriminately. Starting at a dose of 30 mg / day, the maximum recommended is generally not more than 80 mg / day. In fact, if the dosage is gradually increased from 3 capsules a day to 4 capsules a day in a regular dose package, 5 capsules a day will certainly work better. If it is 50 mg, Oxandrolone can be taken once a day, which is more convenient.

No.6: Oral Primobolan:
Equally safe, Primobolan, this expensive oral dosage is generally recommended at 50 mg / day. For 25 mg and 100 capsules, 2 capsules per day is fine, very simple and effective. The maximum dose of 150 mg / day is a critical point. For female users 25mg / day will bring amazing results!