Results and Benefits of HMG

- Feb 22, 2021-

Administration of HMG may bring up side effects even though the chances are slim. Patients taking HMG may experience discomfort in the breast or breast tenderness, allergic reactions such as lethargy, Jaundice, breathing complications in men, fever, chills, joint pain, and muscle ache.

1) Enhancement of testosterone production in male having reproduction ineffective
2) Stimulates intratesticular tissues
3) Increased female egg odd production by inducing sexual development hormones and helps prevent infertility from occurring.
4) Bodybuilders utilize HMG for its high female LH and FSH hormone production which is essential for men’s weight gain.
5) HMG restores LH hormone levels for counterparts undergoing anabolic steroid therapy because it reduces LH.
6) HMG regulates normal growth, sexual development, and reproductive purposes; which are influenced by LH, and FSH secreted by pituitary glands.

However, the biggest win is that HMG has fewer chances of causing allergic reactions due to the two female LH and FSH hormones.

Note: Buy 10 vials each kit, 75iu/kit (10 vials/box)

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