Preparation method of propionate testosterone

- Sep 08, 2019-

The main point of the testosterone propionate synthesis of testosterone from dehydroepiandrosterone is how to selectively convert the two oxygen-containing functional groups at the C, position and CD positions. The first route is to initially protect the 3J-hydroxyl group (such as with a formyl group), then reduce the CD ketone group with sodium borohydride or lithium aluminum hydride, and further esterify it. The 3 hydroxy group is oxidized by austenite to form testes. Alkyl ester. The second route is to first convert dehydroepiandrosterone to androstenedione, then selectively protect the A4-3-keto group, restore the 17-keto group, and then regenerate the A4-3-keto group. Testosterone. Also, the androstenedione is reduced with lithium aluminum hydrogen or potassium boron hydride to obtain a diol (a mixture of 3fi-hydroxyl and 3a-hydroxyl groups), and only the alkoxide group at the 3-position is selectively oxidized to the testes with manganese dioxide. The way of the prime. These methods for synthesizing testosterone have good yields.