Pharmacological movement of Nandrolol powder

- Sep 19, 2019-

Protein assimilation is 12 times that of testosterone propionate, while maleation is only 1/2 of testosterone propionate. After intramuscular injection of 100 mg, the plasma concentration reached a peak 1 to 2 days. Indications: 1 palliative treatment of female advanced breast cancer; 2 treatment of consumptive diseases with proteolysis. Dosage: Adults commonly used 1 female metastatic breast cancer palliative treatment: 25 ~ 100mg per week. Intramuscular injection: usually lasts up to 12 weeks, and if necessary, after the end of treatment for 4 weeks, a second course of treatment can be performed. 2 severely depleted diseases in which proteins are largely decomposed, such as severe burns, chronic diarrhea, and major surgery. 25~50mg per week, intramuscular injection, and need to take in enough calories and protein. Preparation and specifications: phenylpropionate injection (1) 1ml: 25mg (2) 1ml: 50mg intramuscular injection: 25-50mg for adults, 10mg for children, 5mg for infants. Every 1-2 weeks.