Muscle gain phase and fat loss phase

- Dec 05, 2019-

Now that the two can be achieved at the same time, why bother to separate them? Why can't bodybuilders maintain the same body fat percentage as they did during the year? Are bodybuilders all wrong?

Bodybuilders are not mistaken. The reason why they separate the two is because it is very, very, very important: if you want to maximize your muscles, you must be in a state of calories. In other words, if you want the best muscle gain effect, you must increase your weight, because muscle is also part of your weight.

Scientific research has found that in the state of a calorie deficit, protein synthesis rate will decrease, and some hormones that help increase muscle mass will also decrease, resulting in less effective muscle gain. And the lower the body fat percentage, the lower the male hormones, and the male hormones have a great help to mood, temper, sexual function, muscle, strength, spirit, and attention, so bodybuilders cannot keep that low all year round. Body fat rate.

Muscle gain phase and fat loss phase

In addition, the body fat percentage of bodybuilders is not as high as that of ordinary people, so their body stores less energy than ordinary people, so it is very difficult to gain muscle when losing fat.

In the end, gaining muscle is much more difficult than maintaining muscle. Trying to maintain muscle mass during fat loss is far easier than trying to gain muscle during fat loss. Bodybuilders are already very close to their muscle growth potential, even if they can At the same time gain muscle and lose fat, they can gain very little muscle mass when losing fat. So for bodybuilders, muscle building is really like a snail walking, slow to death! So they will do anything that can increase muscle gain.

Therefore, if you want the best muscle gain effect, you must be in a state of calories Shengyu.

If you need calories to gain muscle (eat more) and lose calories to lose fat (eat less), from the perspective of energy demand, the two conflict. However, Shengyu for muscle gain is not a necessary condition, while calorie deficit is a necessary condition for fat loss.
So even if both can be achieved at the same time, it does not mean that they can be achieved from both directions.

It is almost impossible to lose fat when gaining muscle, but it is very possible to gain muscle when losing fat, because you can ensure sufficient protein intake and resistance training in the state of calorie deficit. On the contrary Calorie deficit cannot be guaranteed in the state of Calorie Shengyu.