How to inject steroids yourself

- Dec 07, 2019-

Injecting is not just as simple as piercing the needle into the meat. Below we are going to introduce a few steps that need to be followed to inject anabolic steroids. This looks like a lot but it takes less than a few minutes to operate. If you don't follow these steps, you will most likely get an infection or produce unnecessary muscle soreness

There are many types of needles depending on the size of the injection dose. You need to choose the right one. Of course, there is no need to choose too large a needle, but it should not be too small or you will not be able to get in. In most cases, 2.5ml and 5ml needles are the most common choice, and 2.5ml is the most ideal.

Insert the needle into the bottle containing the steroid and blow in the air. This will make it easier to take the steroid next.

Gently pulling the plunger of the syringe to get all the medicine in the bottle into the syringe, some people will find it a little more helpful to withdraw. In this case you will need a 5ml "extraction needle" to make the extraction faster and easier. If you have done this, then after withdrawing the medication, replace the withdrawal needle with the one you chose in step one

How to inject steroids yourself

After pumping the drug, the steam drum in the syringe needs to be removed. Push the plunger of the syringe gently and tap the tube with your finger to remove all air bubbles. This will lose a little medicine, which is why we pulled out a little bit more before

Select the site of the intramuscular injection to disinfect with alcohol. Alcohol swabs will work, but medical sponges are a better choice

After sterilization, insert the needle into the sterilized area but do not start injection. When the needle is inserted, gently pull the plunger of the syringe, this step is called withdrawal. If blood comes in during withdrawal, pull out the needle and inject it somewhere. It means you hit the blood vessel

If you strictly followed the first seven steps, and no blood entered the syringe during the aspiration, then the injection can be performed. Push the plunger until all the medicine has entered the injection site

After the injection, do not pull out the needle immediately. Hold for 20-30 seconds to ensure that all medications enter the body. If you skip this step, there is a possibility that the medicine that has not completely entered will flow out, and it may be injected into the skin, which is very painful.

Pull out the needle and press the needle hole with a new clean cotton ball. Gently hold for 20-30 seconds, a little blood may come out but it doesn't matter

Remove the cotton ball and massage the injection area vigorously to ensure that all the steroids are fully injected