Clinical application of Kanglilong

- Sep 24, 2019-

Female patients with androgen or anabolic hormone can cause masculine phenomena, such as hairy, long beard, thick voice and low tone, hemorrhoids, etc., usually after the withdrawal of symptoms can gradually fade. Long-term application of this class of hormones in male patients, drugs may be converted into estrogen in the body, may inhibit the secretion of gonadotropins and cause testicular atrophy and inhibit spermatogenesis; inhibition of endogenous testosterone production, can lead to impotence; long-term application of children Androgen, can seriously affect growth and development, such as accelerated osteophyte closure can continue for several months after stopping the drug; the use of anabolic hormones can lead to obesity. 17 androgen-containing androgens have a serious effect on liver damage, mainly interfering with the excretory function of intrahepatic capillary bile duct, causing cholestasis to accumulate in the central capillary of the hepatic lobules, causing cholestasis of hepatocytes, clinical manifestations of bile Stagnation of hepatitis. Long-term use of androgen, liver cancer, prostate cancer and renal cell carcinoma may occur. In addition, due to its sodium retention, it can cause edema. Patients with kidney disease and heart failure should be used with caution, and pregnant women with prostate cancer should be banned.