Characteristics of testosterone propionate powder

- Sep 11, 2019-

Testosterone propionate powder is first converted to 5α-dihyrotesterone, and then binds to cell receptors, enters the nucleus, interacts with chromatin, activates RNA polymerase, and promotes protein synthesis and cellular metabolism. In addition, testosterone propionate stimulates the production and differentiation of red blood cells by erythropoietin. Although the product can be absorbed orally, but the liver will quickly destroy and fail, it is generally injected intramuscularly. After intramuscular injection of testosterone propionate, the absorption is slower, and the delay time is 2-4 days. In the blood, 98% of testosterone binds to sex hormone globulin, and only 2% is free. The half-life is 10-20 minutes. After testosterone is inactivated in the liver, the metabolites are androstenone and androsterone. 90% of them are excreted from the urine in a form combined with glucuronic acid and sulfuric acid. About 6% of the unbound form of the product is excreted by the bile, and a small portion of it is still resorbable, forming an enterohepatic circulation.