Best Legal Steroids – Testosterones

- Dec 15, 2020-

As hormone deficiencies are commonly treated, the best legal steroids will most commonly be testosterone. There are numerous testosterone forms, the hormone can be found in more than twenty forms, but we are only concerned with the best and the ones you’ll have available. If you receive a prescription, you’ll find transdermal applications as well as implant pellets to be available, and of course injectable testosterone. There is an oral testosterone capsule available as well, but it simply cannot make the list of best legal steroids in any shape, form or fashion. Of the common forms that make our list, they are as follows in-order from least to best:

* Androderm (Transdermal Testosterone Patch)
* AndroGel (Transdermal Testosterone Gel)
* Testopel (Subcutaneous Testosterone Implant Pellet)
* Injectable Testosterone (5 Forms)

There are five forms of injectable testosterone that can be found available most commonly that make our list. They include and are listed in no particular order:

* Testosterone-Cypionate (Large Single Ester)
* Testosterone-Enanthate (Large Single Ester)
* Testosterone-Propionate (Small Single Ester)
* Sustanon-250 (4 Ester Mixture, 2 Small, 1 Moderate, 1 Large)
* Testosterone-Suspension (No Ester)

The first three on the list will be the most commonly available, with the first two being the most common and Testosterone-Cypionate being the most commonly prescribed injectable testosterone in the United States. In any case, these are some of the best legal steroids on the market, if you have a prescription.

Best Legal Steroids – Testosterones

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