Methenolone Acetate 10mg Tablets

Methenolone Acetate 10mg Tablets

Molecule : Methenolone Acetate
Form : powder
Purity : 99%
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Methenolone Acetate powders is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. In the beginning, it was banned for use in professional sports as doping agents. However, over time, laboratory studies have shown that the drug does not contain prohibited ingredients, and can, therefore, be used by professional bodybuilders.


Bodybuilers take the medication for the purpose of burning fat in the body of the athlete and the athlete to increase muscle mass. Due to the mild anabolic effects, the drug is often used in the course of drying. Because of this, the rate of the drug can be up to 8 weeks. However, it should be remembered that, in case of exceeding the permissible dose and the time of receipt of an increased risk of side effects.

Males 200-400 mg week by week
Females 50-100 mg/week

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